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What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

The definition of a Primary Care Network is to enable the provision of proactive, accessible, coordinated and more integrated primary and community care improving outcomes for patients.

They are formed around natural communities based on GP registered lists, serving populations of around 30,000 to 50,000. Primary Care Networks comprise of clusters of GP's, each PCN is led by a Clinical Director.

Aintree PCN is comprised of 4 GP surgeries throughout North Liverpool: Aintree Park Group Practice, Long Lane Medical Centre, Poulter Road Medical Centre and Westmoreland GP Centre. Our aim is to improve health and wellbeing for individuals within this borough. 

The team consists of:

  • Clinical Pharmacists 
  • Health Coaches 
  • Care Coordinators
  • Nurse Associates 
  • Paramedics 

Find more information about the PCN team by visiting our Meet the Team page.